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Congrats for you both!!

I'm sure Jen-Luc will bounce back - she's French, right? There's lots of room on the World Wide Web for her to traipse around gurgling, "Je voudrais une chambre pour deux personnes," for every avatar she meets. And who could blame her, now that her mistress will be ensconced with a handsome physicist at Cal Tech? She may even feel liberated in time (well, ok, *more* liberated). And besides, it appears she already has some admirers...

Congrats! It was great to meet you, and I wish you both a lifetime of happy Fourier transformations.

The next question. Is this going to be an Open-Source Wedding? Brian and Ruby ( did it that way - their blog readeres chose everything: location, menu, her dress...

Congratulations to you both!

'So he put his arms around me and whispered, "Wouldn't it be fascinating to take a Fourier transform of those waves?"'

Such a romantic thing!

Congratulations to you both

The Fourrier transform story nearly made me cry. Many congratulations, Jennifer!


what a romantic story!

Wow you give new meaning to natural phenomenon when you get us to be thinking about Fourier transforms.

Keep up your wonderful blog, we really enjoy your take on things.


Of all the news I expected to receive this sunny Saturday morning, this was **not** on the list, but it brought a smile regardless. Many congratulations and wishes for the best of all possible futures together!

I always **knew** the Internet was the cure for loneliness. . . .


The best criterion for science and love both: never boring. Many happy years together.

As Groucho Marx once said: Marriage is a wonderful institution - but who wants to live in an institution?

I keed, of course. Congratulations and best wishes.

"Boy, I don't know; Fourier or wavelet analysis?"

Well.. wavelet, of course! The short, high-frequency basis functions and the long, low-frequency basis functions capture the essences of a marriage better, don't you think? Congratulations Jennifer and Sean!

Congratulations Jenniffer!

It sounds like a cliché, but good old Sean is a true lucky guy! As a long time Cosmic Variance (and before that Preposterous Universe) visitor I always have enjoyed his writings and links , which eventually brought me here. Honest to say that this time I came through Pharyngula. The news really brought a genuine smile to my face, as if both of you were long time pals of mine . I also discovered, with a mixture of suprise, shame and fun , that you wrote a post answering my tongue in cheek request long time ago. I will try to put those advices in practices, who knows? Maybe I could be the next lucky guy!!!! :D


When you take the spatial FT of the sea, look out for parabolic structures characteristic of the gravity wave (in the hydrodynamic sense) dispersion relation, and group lines and higher harmonics resulting from non-linearity.

I'll delurk long enough to say Congrats to you both. I've also moved the bookmark tags for your two blogs side by side on the shortcut bar. Return to Lurker status.

Congratulations, and good luck with the entanglement of your wave-functions!

Congratulations, definitely an occassion for celebration and dinner and drinks, when you are next in New York -- your friends at 3quarksdaily!



As someone who also met her soul mate on the internet (and a newbie to your blog, thanks to Phil Plait...congratulations! My husband and I met on AOL 14 years ago. Two kids later, I still sometimes can't believe my luck that our waveforms collapsed in just the right way. ;-)

I have read both your blogs regularly, admiring both and having no idea of the connection. I'm glad your collision cross-sections were just big enough.

Congratulations JQ! Anyone can see from your friendly, didactic style that your a really nice person, not just out on an ego trip like so many bloggers. You just shine through!
All the best!

please allow me to add my congrats as well, Mrs Edge & I just passed our 25th solar orbit together - hope the avatar thing works out

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