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I'm surprised I don't have more examples of bitter verse in my poetry portfolio. Maybe I figured Dorothy Parker was enough for me and I didn't have to add any contributions of my own, but other than an archy-and-mehitabel spoof expressing my dissatisfaction with my poetry workshop class, most of my archive is surprisingly happy. Anyway, here's a sonnet.


The girls I’ve craved both hate St. Valentine.
When misfit tropes do our sick minds align
We shun the churchyard-painted lovers’ scene,
Yet mental thorns do swift my guts entwine.

With thoughts phrased thus that wrought-iron rhymes enclose,
What friend would not my further care oppose?
I glide my words on self-reflexive wings —--
Once more, there, in her dreaming —--- nothing grows.

Salvia divinorum, noblest sage,
With thee shall I escape cold Psyche’s cage.
I’ll split with her Queen Mab’s wild tryptamine,
Make homage to the Beatles’ archimage.

With eager drops shall we our blood annoint;
I’ll seek her hand in time thrown out of joint.

For me, Valentine's day normally represents a day of celebration for those around me... in this case, this year, I took so many chances and didn't get far. Funny thing is, for once I was completely honest with myself and the significant others that I took interest in, and the end result wasn't good, but definitely satisfying. I learn so much from the relationships around me, whether they are with friends or family, and I almost get to sit on the sidelines and analyze them without physically and mentally being in a relationship.

Angels on the sideline,
puzzled and amused.
Why did Father give these humans free will?
Now they're all confused.

Don't these talking monkeys know that Eden
has enough to go around?
Plenty in this holy garden.
Silly monkeys,
where there's one you're bound to divide it,
right in two.

Kate and I had a snippet from the same Donne poem on the bookmarks we gave out as wedding favors. You have excellent taste...

Happy Valentine's Day, Melissa! And congrats for handling a very tough situation with intelligence and grace.

Thank you, Jennifer. And Happy (belated) Valentine's Day to you!

Since this is a physics blog, I think you should replace "singledom" with "singularity" and "couples" with "dualities"

I love that photo of the skeletons.

Blake, is that your poem?

Valentine's Day is a time for fun with friends, just like we've always done in the lab the past few years. Lots of sweets and roses all around. But the nights... it's a different story. Felt the aloneness as walked to the cafeteria for dinner.

Well oh well.. Hope next year will be different.

"Optimizing the Encounter Rate in Biological Interactions: Lévy versus Brownian Strategies", F. Bartumeus et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 88, 097901 (2002).

Above is cited by

I just can't believe it! The editor of Physical Review Letters publishes a Brownian motion type analysis of dating for sex, but he wrote me the following email rejecting a paper about gravity which actually makes solid predictions:

Sent: 02/01/03 17:47
Subject: Your_manuscript LZ8276 Cook {gravity unification proof}
Physical Review Letters does not, in general, publish papers on alternatives to currently accepted theories.... Yours sincerely, Stanley G. Brown, Editor, Physical Review Letters

Ummmm, second thoughts, I can see why he published that paper. He sent it to peer reviewers who tried out the dating approach, and approved it. In my case, the nearest things to "peer" reviewers are string theorists dismiss anything with less than 10 dimensions as obviously wrong...

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