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Woo hoo! I get mentioned just after xkcd!

"Quirky." I like it. =)

Out of the ScienceBlogs collective (the most fractious hive mind I've ever seen), I'd like to pull out for special commendation Mark Chu-Carroll of Good Math, Bad Math, whom I started reading when he was at Blogspot; Jason Rosenhouse of EvolutionBlog; and Effect Measure, one of whose contributors I met recently, upon the occasion of PZ Myers's Boston visit:

Russell Blackford's only problem is that he doesn't post more often. I suppose that's OK, since he has a book in the works:

All of the pixel-stained cyber-scribblers whom I've met in person after reading online have turned out to be really swell people. Rebecca and Evelyn of definitely qualify, as does SF author David Brin. (Neil Gaiman, whose journal I read daily and find quite thought-provoking indeed, I had met back in 2001. Also a swell fellow.) I've only started reading Joshua's "Tobasco da Gama" site since we met at Rebecca's place for scientific investigation of deep-frying foodstuffs, but he has good things to say:

Straying from the "thought provoking" requirement just a little, I'd like to recommend a couple sites for sheer utility. Jacques Distler's "river of physics news", Planet Musings, is a blaggregator which collects a whole bunch of physics sites into a single stream (or a single RSS feed, if that's your style). The Knight Journalism Tracker, operated by some folks down the Red Line at MIT, is also on my read-over-breakfast list, right after my webcomics:

Jennifer, thanks so much for the accolades both here and in response to "Skinny Vixens" on Science Blogs. I am a longtime fan of Cocktail Party Physics, so I am immensely flattered.

Your tag team is an excellent one-stop shopping center for me, and likewise, Blake's list looks to be well worth exploring. Sunclipse is a recent happy discovery.

Re: The Physics of the BuffyVerse - I was recently tagged by a Xena, Warrior Princess fan site for my yammering tome entitled "Xena, Warrior Scientist" and had my rant on J.R.R. Tolkien's anti-science/technology stance reprinted on a Silmarillion enthusiasts' web site. There's nothing quite like being a scientist-fangurrrl! :^) Anyway, I plan on directing others from those sites to the BuffyVerse book since there often seems to be cross-over interests.

Ooh, I'm a "recent happy discovery"!

Double-ooh, another rant on Tolkien! Have you read Brin's "We Hobbits Are a Merry Folk"?

. . . oh, I see it came up in your blog comment thread.

Incidentally, in posting my previous comment, I just saw my first-ever obscene word in a CAPTCHA image.

What about those of us who blog as a procrastination device to avoid thinking?

Double-ooh, another rant on Tolkien! Have you read Brin's "We Hobbits Are a Merry Folk"?

Oh, yes, I've read that...more than once even! In my abject nerdsomeness, I spontaneously chortle when I think of a Marshall Plan for Mordor.

Argh! every time one of these memes gets started I get another dozen blogs on my reader, costing me hours of productivity. Curse you!

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    Physics Cocktails

    • Heavy G
      The perfect pick-me-up when gravity gets you down.
      2 oz Tequila
      2 oz Triple sec
      2 oz Rose's sweetened lime juice
      7-Up or Sprite
      Mix tequila, triple sec and lime juice in a shaker and pour into a margarita glass. (Salted rim and ice are optional.) Top off with 7-Up/Sprite and let the weight of the world lift off your shoulders.
    • Listening to the Drums of Feynman
      The perfect nightcap after a long day struggling with QED equations.
      1 oz dark rum
      1/2 oz light rum
      1 oz Tia Maria
      2 oz light cream
      Crushed ice
      1/8 tsp ground nutmeg
      In a shaker half-filled with ice, combine the dark and light rum, Tia Maria, and cream. Shake well. Strain into an old fashioned glass almost filled with crushed ice. Dust with the nutmeg, and serve. Bongos optional.
    • Combustible Edison
      Electrify your friends with amazing pyrotechnics!
      2 oz brandy
      1 oz Campari
      1 oz fresh lemon juice
      Combine Campari and lemon juice in shaker filled with cracked ice. Shake and strain into chilled cocktail glass. Heat brandy in chafing dish, then ignite and pour into glass. Cocktail Go BOOM! Plus, Fire = Pretty!
    • Hiroshima Bomber
      Dr. Strangelove's drink of choice.
      3/4 Triple sec
      1/4 oz Bailey's Irish Cream
      2-3 drops Grenadine
      Fill shot glass 3/4 with Triple Sec. Layer Bailey's on top. Drop Grenadine in center of shot; it should billow up like a mushroom cloud. Remember to "duck and cover."
    • Mad Scientist
      Any mad scientist will tell you that flames make drinking more fun. What good is science if no one gets hurt?
      1 oz Midori melon liqueur
      1-1/2 oz sour mix
      1 splash soda water
      151 proof rum
      Mix melon liqueur, sour mix and soda water with ice in shaker. Shake and strain into martini glass. Top with rum and ignite. Try to take over the world.
    • Laser Beam
      Warning: may result in amplified stimulated emission.
      1 oz Southern Comfort
      1/2 oz Amaretto
      1/2 oz sloe gin
      1/2 oz vodka
      1/2 oz Triple sec
      7 oz orange juice
      Combine all liquor in a full glass of ice. Shake well. Garnish with orange and cherry. Serve to attractive target of choice.
    • Quantum Theory
      Guaranteed to collapse your wave function:
      3/4 oz Rum
      1/2 oz Strega
      1/4 oz Grand Marnier
      2 oz Pineapple juice
      Fill with Sweet and sour
      Pour rum, strega and Grand Marnier into a collins glass. Add pineapple and fill with sweet and sour. Sip until all the day's super-positioned states disappear.
    • The Black Hole
      So called because after one of these, you have already passed the event horizon of inebriation.
      1 oz. Kahlua
      1 oz. vodka
      .5 oz. Cointreau or Triple Sec
      .5 oz. dark rum
      .5 oz. Amaretto
      Pour into an old-fashioned glass over (scant) ice. Stir gently. Watch time slow.