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Hah, fun! I am proud of my G rating.

I'd be a heck of a lot more supportive of people's right to do weird things if they followed sensible methods, instead of effectively flipping coins, throwing out the results they didn't like, and proudly announcing the remainder as evidence of psychic activity! Oh, and why not "appropriate and pursue some established mathematical formalism", so that "the analytical results may retain some metaphoric relevance for the emergence of anomalous mind/matter manifestations."

By the way, my weblog was rated G (one use of the word "dead"). Which just goes to show how unreliable that rating system is. . . .

* sex (18x)
* death (13x)
* suicide (6x)
* hell (3x)
* dangerous (2x)
* penis (1x)

So, where is the XXX rating?

I am surprised that you did not mention the VERITAS Research Program at the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health at the University of Arizona ( which is doing fascinating research into mediums in controlled laboratory settings.

On a related note, near-death experiences are another side of this topic offering compelling research. Check the website of the International Association for Near-Death Studies at In particular, you might want to check under the Research tab for published papers outlining new findings from the most current research, particularly the two written by Dr. Peter Fenwick and Dr. Pim Van Lommel.

Near-death experiences have been the focus of many scientific studies at universities and medical centers throughout the U.S. and around the world for about 30 years. Many medical professionals who have seriously studied the research – and it is now extensive – no longer dismiss this phenomenon as hallucinations or caused by physiological, pharmacological or environmental factors.

The best analysis of the many physiological theories regarding NDEs is on a DVD that has a presentation by Dr. Bruce Greyson (from the University of Virginia Medical School) titled “T3-Explanatory Models of NDEs.” It can be obtained from the website above by clicking the link on the home page for DVDs from a 2006 conference at the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center.

If CPP rates NC-17, it doesn't take a scientist to realize that Okazu would garner an "X" rating. Last night's review mentioned "lesbian sex" at *least* twice. (Not to mention "crushing heads" and "gruesome violence".)

I think I'll pass. I like to pretend that my blog could pass for literature on the sheer brilliance of my writing, if you just ignore the fact that I review, erm, crap. LOL

Keep up the gory work!



Hungry for Yuri? Have some Okazu!

The words we cannot use sure have become more restrictive on the internet. Imagine if George Carlin's famous skit was on based upon these ratings. It just wouldn't have become a classic if he tried to write about The Seven Words You Can Never Say On The Internet: Dick, Abortion, Hurt, Sex, Shoot, Death, and Corpse.

Hi Jen Luc,
I thought you were adamant that according to the laws of physics as known 'ghosts' do not EXIST
That's right not even Casper the friendly ghost, though clearly he does exist in caroons & DVD.

But yeah talking about ghosts implies DEATH, even violent death - and or suicide ... et al forms of other parting from the body. Incidentally how is it that ghosts would seem to keep their body (flesh) and even get to wear clothes ... go figure - lol!

I guess ghost in a nudist camp would have to be NAKED, though not necessarily X-Rated.

But all that aside, when we die where do we go?
And are ghosts just those left behind, ie missed the intergallactic (or is it inter-universe) bus.

Guess if one can be in New York one day, in California the next, and wherever the next day
That would have sounded sort of 'spooky' even a hundred years ago. But really it seems to me in life, we are wherever our physical bodies are, though our mind can often be somewhere else.

But Astral Projection? well yeah, give me some!

Quasar, read more carefully. :) I said I'm a skeptic who doesnt believe in ghosts. I just support a scientist's right to explore this type of phenomena in search of a rational explanation -- provided it's not taking public funds away from other more mainstream research, both fundamental and applied... Hope that clears things up.

lol Jennifer, Ghost Busters would probably claim they just haven't got a machine powerful enough to capture 'ghost plasma'
Physicists would claim they haven't built a machine powerful enough to detect ghost particles and/or gravitons (and microcstate blackholes?) - or have they (now) - avidly waiting for those results, though I shan't hold my breath.
Wishing you a mighty fine Sunday!

I have written a book called "Imagining Einstein: Essays on M-Theory, World Peace and the Science of Compassion" wherein my "imagined" Einstein gives a pretty plausible theory on the nature of afterlife, giving some conceivable concept of afterlife as a condition of our quantum selves. Check it out and let me know. Or better yet, I will send you a copy of the book, read it and let me know. Thanks, Barbara

Can't much of the paranormal be influenced by a self-fulfilling prophesy? I was regaled of a tale of a couple who were in a "haunted karaoke" over the weekend and they simultaneously felt a chill. They knew the rumours of that particular karaoke being haunted, so perhaps that swayed them into believing their "chill" was nothing other than a blasting air conditioner or an off-key note by a neighbouring warbler. When one goes on a Walking Tour of London, you don't expect anything but if you go on a Ghost Tour, aren't you disappointed if you don't encounter the ethereal?
I got a PG based on using the term "crap" 4 times, referring to stuff in my apartment and "pooped", referring to over-tiredness. Their rating makes my blog sound like a foecophilia site!

So, can someone tell me how a transister radio can turn on when nobody is in the room? I can understand how the window suddenly shut, or the door opened or closed on its own, and there were drafts (obviously the house was not well built), but the transister radio has always begged for an explanation. That and the fact that the cat clawed through the box springs underneath my mattress and slept there.


Is there a universal remote in the house? Or next door? That's something that a pal of mine in NYC has trouble with all the time. She's always coming home to find the radio on, because one of her neighbors has a universal remote with a strong enough signal to affect my friend's electronics -- despite the wall separating the units....

lol Joanne, you got a cat sleeping under your bed?
As long as you are not hearing voices on the radio, that is voices not being sent by a transmitter, or the dial on the radio starts tuning into unearthly channels, you are safe - it's like Jennifer says, just your neighbour with a universal remote messing with your head - a pain when they do it with your garage doors, or mess about with swapping channels when you are trying to watch tv.

Me, I thought I'd give it all a rest for a while and go somewhere remote to plant some late (very late) tomatoes, and prune some rose bushes.

Never met any ghosts, but transmigation of souls? I'm up for it. And Friday nights I've seen many people seem positively possesed when they've been drinking 'spirits'

Hi Jennifer,

Well, this was back in 1968, way, way before the days of universal remotes or remotes of any kind, in fact. It was a portable transister radio that had a knob which had to be physically turned in order to turn on the radio. I am sure there is a rational explanation, but I've never been able to figure it out and it's always bugged me...

Interesting JoAnne
So you think you were being bugged as far back as 1968?

Hi Jennifer,

I would be very interested to get your and especially Future Husband's comments on the following (I wandered here from coturnix's posting above):

The paper is a fascinating read; I am asking for a scientific comment on the statements about Quantum Mechanics and the Brain.


@Quasar. If you study enough, you'll start to find that a lot of things in Quantum Physics validate(or seem to) the existence paranormal activity. Time trave, dimensional travel, the interconnectedness of Past-Present-Future, etc..


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