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This is fun. Here is another awful tropical disease

Jimmy Carter, if he did nothing else in his life, would be remembered for reducing guinea worm disease, dranunculosis, from 3 million cases in 1986 to 12000 last year

For untold generations here, yardlong, spaghetti-thin worms erupted from the legs or feet — or even eye sockets — of victims, forcing their way out by exuding acid under the skin until it bubbled and burst. The searing pain drove them to plunge the blisters into the nearest pool of water, whereupon the worm would squirt out a milky cloud of larvae, starting the cycle anew.


I guess I won't be taking that trip to Costa Rica now.

I would like to know when something so inovative will be used in America to battle Lyme desease. My yard, in Missouri, is literally crawling with tiny ticks, (I have to use two 3x sets of magnifying glasses to see the markings clearly) which are reported to be small Dear Ticks known for carrying Lyme Desease. I have been loth to use insectisides against them because I dont want to kill anything but the ticks, and so far I have only found an all purpose insectiside.

I am a film director and Chagas activist from Argentina. Thanks for writing about this disease. And, by the way, Chagas IS present in the US and Europe, where it is transmitted thorugh blood transfusions and organ donations, and congenitally from mother to child.

For more information about "Chagas/ A Hidden Affliction", my documentary that was broadcast on PBS regional in Virginia a year go, please go to

We have ust set up the Chagas Foundation Disease, Ltd. Please go to

Thanks again for mentinoning this.
Rick Preve

Interesting - I have a friend from Uruguay who has Chagas' disease; I believe he has had it since he was a child. He looks and feels perfectly normal, but all the moms (when we were little) were always saying "oh, poor thing, he won't make it past 40"...I guess the general popular thinking was that you can live a normal, albeit shortened life with Chagas' disease. And, that is one evil-looking bug!

Great blog, keep it going !


Regarding the post about Lyme disease. I've had Lyme disease for about 12 years and thanks to a diet I discovered for stopping symptoms of other skin parasites such as Morgellons, Collembola... the diet has kept me healthy and has controlled the symptoms of the skin parasites. My e-book descirbes disinfection, bathing, the diet, medical approaches... for these terrible skin parasites. The diet has worked to alleviate symptoms of several types of skin parasites (most dwell internally in the organs and blood stream as well) and it might work for Chagas' disease--it's worth a try.

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      1 oz Midori melon liqueur
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      1 oz. Kahlua
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