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Michael J. Fox in his own book admits changing the dosage of his medications when making certain
appearances to enhance the impact of his symptoms. See for instance,


Oh, come on! He was testifying before Congress about the effects of the disease.
Limbaugh is a jerk. Try living with the disease before you criticise.
A different Gordon...


Comments at the link you posted clarify the rhetorical confusions built into the "admits changing the dosage of his medications" construction. Mr Fox admits to stopping his medications before appearing before Congress, thereby showing the untreated effects of the disease. If such action appeared to "enhance the impact of his symptoms" it is because the treatment actually had some benefits.

The effects of Parkinson's vary widely by individual. My mother lost nearly all ability to initiate spontaneous movement. She would be frozen in place. Think about that for a moment, Gordon. I picture something like being buried alive, just above ground.

The medication allowed for some spontaneous movement but it was very unreliable, subject to the swaying that Mr Limbaugh so eloquently mimed when he discussed Mr Fox's case for his audience. Many times I had to actually place the pills on my mother's tongue followed by a straw for liquid so she could swallow the medicine that *might* allow some tiny bit of control for her.

Perhaps if Mr Limbaugh had to rely on someone else to shovel Oxycontin or Viagra into his maw he'd have a bit more empathy for those much less fortunate.

Thanks to those who countered the original cross-assertions re: Fox's medications while I've been buried in deadlines. Those were exactly the points I would have made, along with reasserting that this is first and foremost a PERSONAL issue, and to politicize it the way Limbaugh did is frankly shameful. (Fox's original ad was associated with the poltiical, but he was making a personal plea for research funding that would aid him and other sufferers of the disease with better treatments, and possibly, someday, a cure.)

I would also add that medications can be tricky at the best of times. In the case of my friend's father, they had to tweak the dosages of his meds constantly to try and find the right balance, and sometimes there would be difficulties -- hallucinations, mental difficulties, motor problems -- until they found it. As time passed, and his body acclimated, the meds would have to be adjusted AGAIN, and so forth. And like Black Dog's mother, as the disease progressed, he needed assistance taking them.

Does anyone have any information as to how I can purchase these glasses? Has this company "Enhanced Vision" started marketing these glasses. My Father has Parkinsons and I do believe this would greatly help him.


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