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I was right with you until you wrote, "Bush and Cronies" (sic ... by which I mean the capitalization). At that point I stopped reading.

Was that necessary? Was it justified by example or reference? Did it add anything? Was it just ... let me say it ... mindless?

I live in Texas. Last president ago I didn't like the mindless, vicious, Clinton-bashing I heard all around me. I don't like the mindless, vicious, Bush-bashing now.

I've had ENOUGH of it! On both sides. STOP IT!!

I am absolutely ecstatic that this year we may have a choice of two men who are of unquestioned character and who act in a civilized manner -- and for the first time in decades I can feel that I may choose between two honorable men on the basis of policy. That does, I will admit, assume a certain political judgement that is probably pretty obvious -- but that is a judgement that I hold strongly and would be happy to defend. But ... did you object to my sort of sneaking it in? Well ... apply it to yourself.

I get the feeling Roger wouldn't like my blog either.

"I didn't understand why you said that! It must be mindless!"

Anyone who stops reading because of a kneejerk emotional reaction because someone challenges his personal political view is the one who's being mindless. There are lots of people who are conservatives who are disillusioned with the fiscal mismanagement and unsound policies of the current administration. I daresay some of them even live in Texas.

It appears that Chris and Jennifer agree with me -- but haven't realized it yet.

Perhaps the "capitalization thing" came about as a kinda writer's thing. I know sometimes I stop myself, when given time but JL Piquant might've been pressing. I think perhaps I may've capitalized and spelled "Bush and Company." Be that as it may. I consider myself a Conservative however I see no semblance to my conservative views with anything emanating (Talk Like A Physicist- is this super duper or what!) from Texas in the past decade.

Unless of course I include "Cronyism." And that, if my English Degree is worth what any detractor would detract from, requires capitalization. Particularly if a stock slides from $170 some odd bucks to $2 over the course of a week, and nevermind the naysayers, requires a "BAIL-OUT."

Yes Dr. Lundquist, I capitalized and hyphenated.


Having looked back I think you're correct Roger. I think we all agree with you. After all: as you've written, you did stop reading after the first four words of the third paragraph of a thirteen paragraph (who knows how many words) entry.

I think even I can see how I might seem to agree.


It's a shame that they stopped reading. For absolute clarification about "outliers" read "The Black Swan" by Nassim Taleb, MBA, PHD. His tenant is that improbable events are not just likely they are inevitable. And a lot of further edification.

Well actually eingram,

I read it all and was, as is usual impressed and edified. It was simply that I was bothered by my initial response. So I returned to read to where Roger actually stopped. That is when I realized my error.

But now I simply must go. I feel an outlier coming on. You did say "The Black Swan?"


OK, I read the rest of the posting ... and it was interesting. As it happens I have a PhD in theoretical physics, and several of my contemporaries ended up doing what is refered to in this posting as "econophysics". I must admit that I have not heard that term before, but it seems kind of plausible.

But that wasn't the point I was trying to make. At the risk of being the recipient of more flaming, let me try to express it differently: Let's all stop, JUST STOP, saying -- particularly in public forums -- emotionally charged, negative things about political figures. Let us try to recognize that George W Bush, Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain ... not to mention Jack Kennedy and Ronald Reagan ... are and were all, in their ways, legitimately and passionately devoted to doing what they think or thought is right for the country and the world. Let us also try to recognize that they are all flawed human beings who are, to a greater or lesser extent, motivated by a lust for personal power and other ... stuff. ALL of them. So ... for Pete's sake ... can we all possibly try to STOP making snide references to these people in emotionally inflamatory terms? Can we possibly try to step back and treat them, and each other, with some modicum of respect? That doesn't mean that we have to agree with them or each other ... but ... let's stop the hatred -- or at least the public expression of that hatred.

Yeah, Roger, what you said. I.E. "Roger, Roger"

Main Entry: cro·ny·ism
:partiality to cronies especially as evidenced in the appointing of political hangers-on to office without due regard being taken of their qualifications

That defines this administration to a T. It's an accurate description, not a flame, Roger.

"Still, I doubt anyone could have predicted Bear Stearn's demise".

Au contraire. Economics blogs have been talking about Bear Sterns problems, including the possibility of bankruptcy since last summer when their 2 hedge funds blew up. For example from 2 of my favorite blogs:

And Roger, you should probably stick to Fox News and stay away from these sites. Neither, including their readers in the comments hold Bush, his team or the FED in high stead (and rightly so, IMHO).

You've written, "I'm sure James Cayne, the former CEO, feels just terrible..."

Apparently he does feel terrible, I see that Bear Stearns has added Grief Counselors to the payroll-presumably for the employees that are likely to be un-added to the payroll.


"Is anyone else tempted to take all their money out of their respective bank accounts and IRAs and just hide everything under the mattress, so we'll have ready cash after the apocalypse?" definitely on the same page.

Great post,

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