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I share your objections to her, and your sense of repellence, Gordon, believe me, I just try to look past it to focus on the core stuff.

Good post, and I agree with most you say. Not being American, and thus not needing to make a choice, I still can say that there was a time I really liked McCain - before he became a candidate. I was even inclined to see his rightwing posturing as pure election tactics. But with Palin on the ticket one cannot really trust that he is lying any more, as someone said about Obama and Nafta.

However I don't really agree with your description below:
"rising oil costs [...] are as much the result of speculation trading by unscrupulous investors as anything else. At least McCain also supports cracking down on these sorts of abuses"
That is simply not true. Oil speculators do not buy and store real oil and do not drive the current increase in price. The wow to crack down on speculation is therefore just another populist cry that will not do much to lower the price. This was explained pedagogically in a recent article in The Economist. The same speculation is e.g. letting the airlines use oil today at a lower price than the spot price which is helping them through spells of higher price. The McCain (and Obama) anti-speculation promises is actually just another point of anti-science. In this case basic economic science.

Great comment I saw on a blog:

"Sarah Palin - Cheney with lipstick."

If you thought Obama's church was scary, take a look at Palin
talking in her church and at the Masters Commission she mentions: v=QG1vPYbRB7k v=xJnhRhJW35o

However, I guess I find all religious beliefs scary :)

Sorry, here are the links:

OKay, enough with the Palin-bashing, folks. Yes, she's appalling. But the actual presidential CANDIDATE is McCain. And you're just playing into the GOP Playbook's manipulative hands by obsessing over the VP pick.

Yes, Ma'am. I am not even American and look at how worked-up I am...;)

Thanks for understanding, Gordon. :) It's easy to get carried away when feelings start running high, is all...

Thank you for this post. It is stellar and outlines the reasons why I hope that people are listening to what is being said and think about how it will impact our future.

I don't know Mcain's position on stem cell research. Is there a danger that he will ban all stem cell research in the US? Or is he just opposed to taxpayer funded embryonic stem cell research like Dubya? Have important discoveries been made from stem cells that have not come from embryos or are embryos the key to succesful stem cell research?

McCain's "official" position on stem cell research is that he opposes it. Like everything else, he skimps on specifics, and I wouldn't hold my breath expecting him to be any more forthcoming between now and the election.

Thanks for providing the link to Mcain's website, here's what is says about stem cell research. It is revealing.

"As president, John McCain will strongly support funding for promising research programs, including amniotic fluid and adult stem cell research and other types of scientific study that do not involve the use of human embryos."

"Where federal funds are used for stem cell research, Senator McCain believes clear lines should be drawn that reflect a refusal to sacrifice moral values and ethical principles for the sake of scientific progress, and that any such research should be subject to strict federal guidelines."

Great post, linked.


I'll be glad when this election is over; however, it will be back to business as usual. Don't say I didn't tell you so. Nonetheless, this blog is very thought provoking and interesting.

Any word on the Top 100 Popular Science Books list?

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