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    "Explains physics to the layperson and specialist alike with abundant historical and cultural references."
    -- Exploratorium ("10 Cool Sites")

    "... polished and humorous..."
    -- Physics World

    "Takes 1 part pop culture, 1 part science, and mixes vigorously with a shakerful of passion."
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Fantastic Jennifer! Best of luck to you all.

Ooh, nice change! Hope the blog gets a bit more party-ful!

I love the blog and look forward to the new essays.
You are light on Y chromosomes, however. I hope you allow
an occasional Y-barbarian to post occasionally.

The XX emphasis is very deliberate. Surely you're not suggesting that this is somehow unfair? :) In the hard sciences like physics, particularly, women still only make up 15-25% of that group. There are fewer physics blogs compared to other scientific disciplines, and those physics blogs tend to be written by men, with some notable exceptions (myself, Sciencegeekgirl, etc). We've got a long way to go before things get lopsided in FAVOR of women. So I see nothing wrong with focusing on women's voices at the cocktail party for the time being -- especially since every one of the "voices" is smart, savvy, witty, and yes, insightful. We're all interested in science and ideas, and I think that will be reflected in the posts.

That said, the occasional guest post by those with Y chromosomes would certainly not be ruled out. Honestly? I had so much trouble getting folks to serve as guest bloggers over the last year, I wouldn't hold my breath. I'm not even sure whether this whole "group blog" thing will work out. But I'm excited to try the experiment, and thrilled that such great women -- and great writers -- have agreed to join me.

I look forward to posts from the new bloggers!

"The XX emphasis is very deliberate. Surely you're not suggesting that this is somehow unfair? :)"
I guess its OK as long as it doesnt morph into XXX :)

XXX? Our traffic would triple. :)

That's funny. I just mentioned Carl Zimmer in a blog as well.

So is the link to your Twisted Physics blog over at permanently gone from the website?

(Or am I just not seeing it?)

Oops, I think I accidentally removed it. It will go back up shortly.

On the subject of website changes...

I like the various "jenluc" icons.

Do you think you might eventually put them all on a webpage or something where we can see all of them together?

Ah, the many faces of Jen-Luc... She's not going anywhere with her many moods. There will be new avatars for the new contributors, though. I hadn't thought about a page showing all her various "looks." It's not out of the question, just not a priority at this point. I'll play around with the idea...

Jennifer, no plug for the fact that you were on this week's Nova?

Really? I was on NOVA?? I had no idea! Like, two YEARS ago I participated in an interview (reluctantly, because I hate being held up as some sort of "expert" on science), but I just assumed nothing had ever come it. I hope I didn't say anything too embarrasing. :)

Just two very short non-technical quotes on Mandelbrot geometries, but I did notice when your name came up. You can see the quotes in the transcript if you don't have time to watch the program.

Yee haw, looking forward to the new bloggers! And congrats on the Nova appearance!

Any co-bloggers you pick must be worthy, Jen. Looking forward to it. . . :)

Nooooo! Not shorter posts!
Looking forward to reading the posts of the new bloggers, though. The more the merrier...

So far, shorter posts haven't really been an issue. :) But I'm definitely pleased with the new voices!

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