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super post..

I hope she goes home to Alaska and is eaten by a Polar Bear or Wolves.

I'm baffled by the back-and-forth by the climate change and anti-climate change groups. I trust that smart science people I read (like this blog) are getting real, unobfuscated data from smart agencies (like the NOAA) which is why I support that data.

So where are the anti-climate change people getting data that apparently debunks climate change or how are they using it deceitfully to "show" that climate change isn't occurring? I'm talking specifically about one physicist's blog, which I won't justify with a link, where it's really common to see "data" showing that the Earth is actually cooling or ice sheets are growing, etc (if you're not familiar with the blog I can email you with specific examples).

Also, great first post!

Your Sarah might be interested in this link:


Nobody is debating the fact that climate change is happening, but there is a vigorous debate as to the cause. The question was a trap for the candidate since science hasn't conclusively answered the question of why it's happening. Is it man-made? Maybe. Is it cyclical? Possibly. Is it a combination of both? That's where I'd put my money.

Are you being too hard on Palin? In my opinion, yes. You're skewering her for not deciding what the cause of global warming is - a question that she is clearly not qualified to answer.

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But it DOES matter what caused it. How can you "do something about it" without knowing that - without knowing what to stop doing as well as start?

Thanks all for the wonderful comments. Discussion is key, and it keeps me in check.

Those poor amphibians! They've got a lot to deal with.

I'm sad to report it, but there is actually quite a flaring debate over whether or not climate change is happening at all (see this as one example: So it is important to reiterate scientific findings. And hey, I don't expect politicians to hit every fastball we throw at them, otherwise we aren't really testing them, are we? But I do expect them to stand there and take the heat, and we should certainly be questioning our policy makers about global warming. Because wherever the causes lie, they'll decide where to put the money.

Nobody suggested it doesn't matter what caused it. I have an issue with anyone expecting a politician to make a pronouncement on a question that hasn't been settled by science.

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