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Hmm, watch it, Jennifer, or I will be awarding you the Flaked Tuna award
for "alternative medicine" (It is alernative because it isn't scientific and is unproven..) I suspect the EPA levels of mercury are ridiculously conservative.
Also, there is a whole industry of naturopathic and homeopathic "doctors" who thrive on the mercury hysteria---dentists who remove all mercury amalgam fillings(virtually the only time you get a serum boost of Hg is when they are removed), chelation scam artists, etc. Sure mercury poisoning can cause all sorts of neurological problems---Newton was an example, from all his alchemical experiments, but also he was notoriously prickly before (for a good read--"Quicksilver" by Stephenson.)
One woman recently went to a walkin clinic for flu symptoms, and was told by a woman MD that she probably had mercury poisoning from eating a tuna sandwich at lunch...
I would look into this some more, Jennifer, from valid sources, not from the crowd that made "Extrordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds" by Charles McKay such a great read in the 1840s (and today--still in print)
I eat lots of sushi too (oops, I'm proving your point :) )

My overall point was balance and moderation in all things. I don't buy into the "OMG! Sushi will kill you!" hysteria and I think that comes through perfectly clear. But someone who eats sushi twice a day for 20 years? That's excessive consumption, and it's perfectly reasonable to suspect this might have something to do with unnaturally high levels of mercury in his blood. I stand by my post.

And the McKay book is one of my favorites...

One of my former classmates is an astronomer at UBC who is building a large
liquid mirror telescope at Maple Ridge( Sean may know him --Paul Hickson--Hickson galaxies) The mirror is all mercury in a circular frame that rotates to form a parabola---cheaper to build big than conventional, but it looks straight up. Of course, there is a mercury sniffer to try to protect the operators, but I suspect the mercury levels are interesting. Fortunately, the mercury oxidizes at the surface and tends to seal off fairly quickly.
My point is that alternative medicine is gigantic business built on gullibility
and a woeful knowledge of science by the general population. The Sceptical Enquirer has some good articles on the whole circus.
"I stand by my post"--you sound like a horse ;)

Gordon, you are committing the cardinal sin of trying to twist an innocuous blog post into a referendum on a personal pet peeve. Cut it out, dude. :)

On the other hand, as I understand it, part of the point of why fish have so much mercury, is that once absorbed, it stays in the body, so cutting back on the Sushi now is a little pointless.

Not a pet peeve, Jennifer. It's about mercury. Also, I thought you'd be interested about Paul. And sushi--what do you think the Japanese eat alot more than we do? I wonder if there are studies about mercury poisoning in the Japanese populace. I bet there are plenty who have eaten sushi twice a day for more than 20 years. But I will stop being argumentative. I already got on Lee's blacklist in the "By Invitation Only" thread...;)

I like sushi, but cmon. How BORING is life if over half your diet is the same thing?!!?! I try to not repeat a foodstuff more than once a month if I can help it!

What about the Latin America folk remedy for stomach troubles of drinking liquid Mercury?

Also, as for soy, it may not be ideally healthy:


Like any strong poison, mercury can be used in small amounts as a drug -- witness the historical mercury cure for syphilis. Which, like chemotherapy, had horrible side effects, but the value of stopping a deadly disease was still more desirable.

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