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I sometimes wonder if believing things without evidence, as is the case with all religions and, well, "belief systems", has been the greatest impediment to human knowledge through the ages. These things exist simply to control the masses, "Do what you're told and don't think about it".. such control being exercised by any oik with sufficient charisma - knowledge of reality seems to be no requirement.

We'd all be better off without them, in my opinion.

I am glad that you will still be on Science Saturdays at The female voice in science is needed. I copy your sessions to my daughter to encourage her.

I don't mind "creationism" and "intelligent design" discussed in "Philosophy Phridays", but not on "Science Saturdays". Similarly any discussion of the "multiverse" or "Boltzmann’s brains" should also be discussed in "Philosophy Phridays". I nominate John Horgan to debate your "spousal unit.

ID has had its day in court -- literally!

That's a lousy standard. Evolution also lost in court, in "the trial of the century."

"theory of Intelligent Design"

Surely you mean hypothesis?

" "theory of Intelligent Design"

Surely you mean hypothesis?"
This, I think, is the real problem with the acceptance of science in our culture. The term "theory" is misunderstood by non-science people as being an "idea" or a "guess"... while, in science, we call this (more accurately) as "scientific theory" which means it has proven itself repeatedly (otherwise it's a hypothesis, as noted by Kevin).

We need to get the non-science people to understand the difference, and therefore understand that when science provides a theory, it's not just some crackpot making up things... it's based on solid facts and has gone through at least a little proofing... it's not a hypothesis.

You know, I also think that the Intelligent Design is silly, and all such things, but what your spousal units and others did is just a politically driven exercise to intimidate people and create taboos.

The Intelligent Design is silly but your spousal unit's opinion that there would be no difference between the past and the future if cosmology didn't include some special features is at least equally silly as The Intelligent Design.

But that doesn't mean that sensible people can ostracize every institution where your spousal units inserts his or her buttocks because there are just too many places like that. ;-) In other words, I disagree with picking this particular type of silliness as being "different" from others, and who is doing so is just an extreme partisan.

From the viewpoint of BloggingHeads, it's very clear that they can't start to "ban" whole categories of people just because others find them controversial - because the whole BloggingHeads project, much like many others, *is* about the interactions of similarly different viewpoints, and by making this impossible, they would be undermining the very essence of their existence.

So your spousal unit is just a blinded partisan who has left a project, and it will surely not be a big problem for the project.

If I remember correctly, Sean wrote a piece on his blog a few years ago where he created a soap opera from a cast of characters consisting of scientists/bloggers. It was very amusing and it is nice to see that the series has been renewed for yet another season ;-)

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