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Perhaps in lieu of the context of the blog entry, you could've titled it reality bytes? :-)

btw, very cool story today.

Congrats on being highlighted on (I think). I have read some of your previous posts and find them engaging and insightful. I'm sure there are better compliments than "engaging and insightful" but I will have to invest a little more time in reading more of your posts in order to gush in a truly sincere way.

Warmest Regards,

Sorry to hear about your shellfish allergy. My big sis has this problem and she recently discovered that she can eat oysters. Not trying to send you to the hospital or anything, but wouldn't that be sweet if you could have a big crispy oyster po-boy?

Caught your link at

Jenny in Mandeville
just north of y'all

I love this article! The Combustible Edison looks pretty good, too. I have a slight allergy to crab, but luckily it's just the headache kind and not the throat-close-up kind.

Definitely catch you later!

Nice blog:

I'm glad to see that people in the big N.O. can say your name, when I did some research at Tulane last year, I inquired at the local temples about the enthic habits and the changes as well as the affects to the local Jewish population. At one of the local temples, the staff were very polite throughout the converstion. As I was leaving one of the office staff stopped me and not only asked how to spell my last name which has been around as long as the Torah but the she mispronounced it to boot. I found out later that most of the staff was Christian and was only helping out that temple until the regular staff returned.
And don't feel bad about the allergy, just be happy that no one has tried to poison you yet to seafood as a joke which landed me in the ER for several hours. The worst part is I never knew I had a seafood allergy because I do not eat it. After the "joke", I was told that they liked me. I had been a good sport about it.
Looking back, I happy the locals did like me, I do not want to think about what would have happened if they disliked me. I have mostly good memories and people that I met and I would not trade it for all the seafood in the south.

From seventy miles north of N.O.(Hammond),

What a fascinating article. I always get scared for people who immerse themselves too deeply into online roleplaying games. giving these games more significance would only feed the problem. Its sad when you think about the amount of people who let these "virtual realities" consume their lives.

Just discovered your blog. Fascinating!
I hope you enjoy my fair city (NOLA, which is a strange and wonderful place. Just be careful. Tip: Go the the Carousel Bar at the Hotel Monteleone for a cocktail.

Just found you through msn. A place where nerds are cool. Thanks.

Ah, I tried Cafe Du Monde and the beignets were to die for. I recommend the crawfish etoufee on rice at Jacques-Lmons. The wait is almost two hours, but it is definitely worth it! :)

go to jean lafitte park or take a swamp tour

go to central grocery (opposite more less beignets) and get a muffuletta

try some roast beef po-boys and red beans and rice

This is one of the best articles I've read in a long time, thank you so much! "-- for instance, modeling neurons by coupling a real neuron with a virtual one." Hmmm.... potential for treating neourological disorders? Am I getting ahead of myself? Yeah, I've had dreams like that where I sort of notice my own virtual self. It's scary and peaceful at the same time, n'est pas? That reminds me, I have to eat! :)

I really enjoyed this post. I have read over a few other posts you have up and I will say you do a great job of blogging. I will be looking for new post daily...Keep up the good work! I invite you to see my post, I hope you will find interesting too.

The Matrix is a really interesting spin on Socrates' Allegory of the Cave (, in which he postulates a situation in which a demon (The Matrix) chains people to rocks in a cave from early childhood (the red goo pods) and, using giant fire behind the chained people, projects shadows of various things onto a wall in front of them (the Matrix's simulation.) He proposes that since these people have known nothing else, they accept the shadows as reality.

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